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If I knew how to cry I would right now.

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You can be proud of your sexuality and still in the closet for your own safety. Not everyone you know has to know that you’re not straight for you to be a ‘good’ queer/gay. Protecting yourself from homophobes is not ‘contributing to the issue’. Do not come out into a dangerous situation with no support network or without any financial independence. If you think someone might out you, don’t tell them shit.

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"If one day we couldn’t stay together, I hope we are still lifetime good buddies."

- Luhan in an interview in 2012 (via luex0lu)

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angelina jolie’s daughter


and gwen stefani’s son


both so cute 

Parenting done right

ugh. this is so wrong. how can you support someone letting their kid wear socks on grass. do you know how hard it is to wash those stains out?

I thought I was going to have to yell at someone for being a close minded asswipe but that was the biggest plot twist of my life.